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   Irazu Vulcan, Costa Rica, Sept 2004.

My full name is Marcos Roberto da Silva Borges but you can use the short version Marcos Borges. In publications I use Marcos R. S. Borges.

I am an associate professor and a system analyst of Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. My current areas of interest are Software Engineering and Groupware, but I also work on applied domains, such as Emergency Management Systems.

If you want to send me e-mail use mborges at nce dot ufrj dot br  If you want to send me a fax use: + 55 21 2598-3156. If you want to phone me and don't have my phone number, then send me an e-mail first.

You can see my CV in the Lattes Platform at: 

My postal address is:

Marcos Borges
Caixa Postal 2324
20010-974 Rio de Janeiro

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