VHDL and FPGA Resources on the Web

VHDL Tutorials

There are some free materials on the Web that can help you get started to learn VHDL:

VHDL Cookbook written by Peter J. Ashenden.

VHDL Language Guide from Accolade Design Automation, Inc.

Logic synthesis with VHDL from Bob Reese, Department of Electrical Engineering at Mississippi State University. It consists of three parts:

Combinational Circuit Synthesis,

Sequential Circuit Synthesis, and

System Synthesis.

RASSP VHDL Courses and Tutorials.

VHDL Selected Papers

"Optmizing VHDL code for FPGA targets" from Michael Gschwind and Valentina Salapura.

"A VHDL Design Methodology for FPGAs" from Michael Gschwind and Valentina Salapura.

VHDL Examples

One of the quickest ways of learning a new computer language is studying its examples. Here are some you may find helpful:

IFIP WG10.2 Hardware Verification Benchmark Circuit from University of Karlsruhe. You will find VHDL examples such as Single Pulser, Traffic Light Controller, N-bit Adder, Multiplier, Divider, FIFO, etc.

VHDL model of DLX written by Peter J. Ashenden. The DLX processor is a RISC machine. Detail can be found in the book Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach.

VHDL Source Code of Designer's Guide to VHDL written by Peter J. Ashenden. It is the best and greatest VHDL book I ever found.

CAST Club. They provide free VHDL models monthly. You can download and study these models. You must register before you can download them. Registration is free.

VHDL Tools of PC Platform

(Disclaimer: I am not associated with any of the following companies.)

ALDEC Information Server Home Page Design of FPGAs with VHDL, Verilog and schematics.

Accolade Design Automation, Inc. VHDL and FPGA Design Tools

Accolade PeakVHDL Simulator Demo from Accolade Design Automation, Inc. It runs on Windows 3.1/95/NT.

Warp2 from Cypress, Inc. It includes VHDL compiler, simulator (functional, not timing) and synthesis tool (supports all Cypress PLDs and CPLDs). No demo is available but it is affordable for individuals. Warp2 has Windows 3.1 version and as well as SUN Unix version.

More VHDL Resources

Hamburg VHDL Archive Highly recommended!

Acellera Unification of Open Verilog International and VHDL International

Doulos VHDL Homepage VHDL and Verilog training.

VHDL Technology Group Source code editor and design services.

Andy Rushton's Homepage VHDL Frequently Asked Questions.

TestBenchTool Easy Generation of Test Vectors for VHDL Designs.

WAVES Home Page Standard for VHDL Waveform and Vector Exchange (WAVES).

FMF Home Page Free Model Foundation

Model Technology Home Page HDL Simulator

SIGDA Home Page Special Interest Group on Design Automation.

FPGA Resources

OneChip: An FPGA Processor With Reconfigurable Logic, M.A.Sc. thesis by Ralph D. Wittig.

FPGA Research at UCLA VLSI CAD Laboratory

Papers Published by Reconfigurable Logic Group at BYU

FPGA Research at University of Toronto

Links to FPGA WWW Servers

Circuit Cookbook WWW page

MOSIS VLSI Fabrication Service


High Level Synthesis Resources

Links to FPGA WWW Servers

Lucent Technologies Microelectronics Group Home Page

FPGA Synthesis at Duke

Synthesis Resources




Inoveda (Former Viewlogic)

Logical Devices Inc.

Motorola MPA


Summit Design


Virtual Chips


PowerPC Links

Bookstores, Libraries and Related

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